美国.S. 劳工部 (DOL) is strongly committed to the well-being of the Hispanic workforce. 的 following list highlights some of the Department's Spanish resources. This list is intended for English-speaking audiences who are looking for information in Spanish about DOL missions to share with the Hispanic community. 请 联系 the agencies or visit their 网页 for more multilingual materials.

请注意: Although we have attempted to provide an accurate translation of the materials, the official definitive version is the original English text.

Disability Employment - Empleo para Discapacitados

Employment and 培训 - Empleo y Capacitación

Equal Employment Opportunity - Igualdad de Oportunidades de Empleo

Health and Pension Benefits - Beneficios de Salud y Pensiones

Labor Management Standards - Normas para la Gestión Laboral

Occupational Safety and Health - Seguridad y Sanidad Ocupacionales

工资 and 工作时间 - Salarios y Horas de Trabajo

工人 Protection - Protecciones para los trabajadores

青年和劳动 - Empleo de Jóvenes

Partner Site - Sitio de Socios

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